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Peter Davies' gallery, Turkana serves the needs of design professionals and their clients for antique tribal kilims and woven artefacts of the Near and Middle East as well as the Tribal Robe, Aleppo, Syria (3'5Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia, the Balkans, and North Africa.   The primary focus of the business is a superlative collection of both decorative and collectible 18th and 19th century Anatolian tribal kilims. Additionally, there is an> excellent selection of antique Caucasian kilims as well as Persian, Baluch, Central Asian, Balkan and North African examples. The gallery's collection also includes woven artefacts such as saddle and salt bags, horse trappings, felts and robes.

What is a Kilim?

19th century Turkish kilimsA kilim is not a rug.  "Kilim" is a Turkish word that actually refers to the way something is made, that is to the weaving technique.  "Tapestry  weave" and "flatweaving" are the closest terms to "kilim" we have in English.   A kilim is always a weft faced fabric consisting of interlacing warps and wefts.   The rectangular panels Westerners mistakenly call "kilim rugs" function in the tribal world as floor spreads to seat guests, tent and cottage hangings, dust covers on the bedding and luggage piles and loaded camels, covers to wrap bread, and as eating mats for guests.  Kilim fabric also has been used for clothing and storage bags.  In Anatolian tribal life the kilim is not only a multipurpose artifact of great utilitarian value but also an object of artistry.

If you would like to learn more about antique kilims, please refer to Peter Davies' book, "The Tribal Eye:  Antique Kilims of Anatolia", Rizzoli Press, 1993.  See Publications.

My new book, "Antique Kilims of Anatolia" has been released by WW Norton and is available at most bookstores. Autographed copies can be ordered directly from the author for $55 plus postage. . See Publications.


Peter Davies' Turkana undertakes rug and kilim cleaning, conservation and restoration.  He also offers insurance appraisals and valuations and will advise clients on building a collection of kilims, rugs or textiles and buying at auction.   If you are seeking a specific type of antique weaving, he can also make inquiries on your behalf.

Turkana can also supply special kilim rug padding.


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