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Antique Kilims of Anatolia by Peter Davies

"The Tribal Eye:  Antique Kilims of Anatolia"

By Peter Davies

Published in 2000 by WW Norton Professional Books

ISBN 0-8478-1705-9

A new hardcover edition, expanded to 189 pages, with 30 additional color plates, two new chapters, and updates and expansions of chapters from the Rizzoli edition. And including a new glossary and the ethnographic photos of Anatoian tribal and village life by Josephine Powell.

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Press Comments:

Murray Eiland, Jr.
"...this edition makes a valiant effort to tell the whole story as to what kilims mean to those who live with them. Antique Kilims of Anatolia emerges as more than a basic introduction to the Turkish kilim as the most convincing and profound account of what there is about these tribal weavings that has seized the imagination of so many enthusiasts."

Dr. Michael Buddeberg:
"Davies not only breaks new ground in his cogent discussions of the kilim but he also reveals his love for Anatolia,its people, and its exceptional kilims. This gives Antique Kilims of Anatolia its special character."

Valerie Justin:
"All together, Mr. Davies has put together a cogent story, perhaps the whole story as it can be known at this time. He might be one of the unravelers of the remaining illusory threads of kilim lore. I urge him on."

Table of Contents:

Forewords by Murray L. Eiland, Jr. and Dr. Michael Buddeberg

  1. From Fleece to Yarn
  2. Dyeing:  The Lost Process
  3. The Loom
  4. The Weave
  5. The Visual Language of the Anatolian Kilim
  6. The Tribal Weaver
  7. The Meaning of the Kilim
  8. The Origins of the Kilim:  A Survey of Current Thinking
  9. The Horn and the Hexagon
  10. Towards an "Ethno-aesthetics for the Anatolian Kilim

Technical Analysis

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The Tribal Eye

By Peter Davies

Published by Rizzoli International in 1993 in paperback.

It contains 8 chapters covering everything from the processes involved in kilim production, the visual language of the kilim, the tribal weaver, the meaning of the kilim, and the origins of the kilim as well as over 50 color plates and ethnographic photos by Josephine Powell. Very favorably reviewed in Hali Magazine, Ghereh, and Cornucopia.

Signed copies are available from the author for $15 plus postage: $3.50 (now out of print, formerly retailed for $35)


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